Mini Candles for Personal Ceremony
Mini Candles for Personal Ceremony
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Mini Candles for Personal Ceremony

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Candles are one of the most powerful tools to utilize in personal ceremonies. For centuries, candles of different colors have been integrated into personal ceremonies to energize intentions, manifest goals, attract desires, protect oneself and to heal and release unwanted energies. 

Our Soul Flame collection of Mini-candles are the perfect size for personal ceremony (4 inches long) and they come in a variety of different colors to suite your ceremony needs. 
Colors and Meanings
Black- Mystery, removal/releasing of negative energies, sacred feminine 
Red -
Root Chakra, courage, life force energy, vitality, manifestation, energizing
Orange - Sacral Plexus Chakra, affection, joy, creativity, emotional wellbeing
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra, confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, empowerment
Solar Plexus Chakra, action, new beginnings, Divine Masculine
Green -
Heart Chakra, Healing, abundance, prosperity, compassion
Heart Chakra, friendliness, kindness, spiritual love, nurturing, new romance
Light Blue -
Throat Chakra, communication, truth, sincerity, creative expression 
Indigo -
Third Eye Chakra, tranquility, meditation, clairvoyance, imagination
Violet Purple -
Crown Chakra, spiritual wisdom, passion, connection to divinity
Fuchsia -
Soul Star Chakra, spiritual energy, connection with higher self/soul
White - Purity, Peace, Truth, Activation of spiritual gifts, connect to Spirit Guides

How to perform a Candle Magic Ceremony
1. To begin, start with establishing a clear intention, then choose a candle of a color that matches your intention.
2. Go into a meditative space as you hold the candle, with your intention in mind. See, sense, feel your intention as manifesting. Most important is to feel the feeling associated the manifestation of your intention and let that energy transmit into the candle from your body, thru your hands and into the candle.
3. Scribe personal symbols into the candle that to you, signify the energy of your intention (you can used an opened up paper clip or something similar
4.  Further magnetize the candle by anointing it with a few drops of essential oil that aligns with your intention. Do this by placing a few drops of essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub the palms together briskly to activate the oil with the energy of your intention. Then holding the candle in the middle with both hands, transfer the oil from your hands onto the candle by using the left hand from the center, out the the right hand from the center, out. this magnetizes the candle with your intentions. 
5, Last step is to light the candle and know that as it's burning, the energies are being released into the universe and the manifestation process is underway. Its best to perform your ceremony at a time when you can let the candle burn all the way down (takes 20-30 min) 
Note: be sure to use a fire proof candle holder (sold separately) and burn your candle in a fire safe area.