ElKhan Essentials | Pure Essential Oil Perfumes

ElKhan Essentials | Pure Essential Oil Perfumes

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We are perhaps best known for our exclusive line of ultra fragrant, exotic essential oils.  Among our best selling products, our line consists of ultra high qualities of essential oils that have been used since ancient times as natural perfumes. All of our Ambers, Musks and Woods are unisex fragrances sure to delight the senses.  

All of our essential oil are manufactured and hand blended by us using the purest, highest qualities of essential oils, absolute oils and resins that we import from directly from Egypt. 

Each bottle contains pure essential oils/absolutes/resins, infused with pure, fractionated coconut oil to optimize the staying power of the fragrance on your skin and to give your bottle an indefinite  shelf life. Our essential oil perfumes are guaranteed to never go rancid. 

Did you know that the roots of aromatherapy can be traced back to Ancient Egypt? Yep, the Egyptians are the original inventors of aromatherapy. 

Ancient Egyptians were masters of the holistic and believed that beauty, magic, and medicine were inseparable. They recognized body care and beauty to start with cleanliness. Unpleasant smells were associated with impurity, and good smells indicated the presence of the sacred. 

Our essential oils are derived from the same extraction processes used by the ancient Egyptians and offer fragrances superior to common market available in the USA. Try one and see for your self. Our line currently consists of 20 fragrances. See the chart below for the vibrational properties of our line of essential oil perfumes

ElKhan Essentials current collection

EGYPTIAN AMBER - Calms the mind, enhances sensuality. Rich, lasting scent
alms the mind, enhances sensuality. Rich, lasting scent
ROSE AMBER - evokes sensuality & high vibes, uniting sacred feminine/masculine
VANILLA AMBER - sensuality, relaxation, attracts love

EGYPTIAN MUSK - Love, prosperity, confidence, Rich, earthy scent
WHITE MUSK -calms emotions, pleasant dreams, supports community connection

JASMINE - Dreams, purification, wisdom, astral projection

LAVENDER - Relaxation, cleansing, healing, happiness

LOTUS - Protection, spirituality, healing and meditation

ROSE -Highest vibration of all oils. Blessings, fertility, healing and attracts love

SANDALWOOD - Promotes spiritual awareness, protection, healing
OUDH - Natural Aphrodisiac, opens the third eye, revitalizes the aura. Harvested from the wood of  Agarwood trees, Oudh is highly esteemed for its unrivaled aroma. this unisex fragrance is one of our best sellers. check out our selection. choose from Oudh, White Oudh, Arabian Oudh, Gold Oudh, Dark Oudh

MADAGASCAR VANILLA - Attracts love, increase sexual desire, mental clarity.
VANILLA ROSE - elevates mood, sensuality and mental brightness. 

BLACK OPIUM - improve psychic abilities, and generally open your mind to an awareness of hidden worlds and mysteries.